Irish Embassy Pub And Restaurant

900 Main Avenue, Durango, Colorado, USA

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Session times

The session starts arount 1PM and ends around 3PM.

Irish Embassy Session

…going strong in January 2012. All levels welcome.

Ceillidh Sunday

Several times a year there is a 7PM ceillidh downstairs. The session starts around 4PM on those days and breaks up before 7..

still at it

A fine session, I visited recently, and they were very welcoming, high quality playing and obviously focused on good clean playing and the fun that goes with it.

Re: Irish Embassy Pub And Restaurant

Hello! Is there going to be an alternate session the week of Christmas (Since it falls on a Sunday) ?

Re: Irish Embassy Pub And Restaurant

The session is still going strong in 2017. Starts around 12:30pm every Sunday and goes until about 3:30/4pm. This coming Sunday 3/12/17 will be the end of the 5th annual Durango Celtic Festival. The following Sunday, 3/19, will be great fun as well. The session is open to all. Please come and visit us.

Re: Irish Embassy Pub And Restaurant

I love this session—I’ve been a couple of times this year and am headed there for the next session this Sunday. Very strong playing and a friendly, fun and welcoming group. Egos don’t get in the way of great tunes, which I really appreciate.

Re: Irish Embassy Pub And Restaurant

Still going strong. I’ve been involved with this group from the beginning around 10 years ago. Great group of local regulars, both musicians and audience! Family friendly and they are very welcoming to folks to come and play with them, or sing, or dance, or just have a great time.

Re: Irish Embassy Pub And Restaurant

Sadly, The Irish Embassy Pub did not make it through the times of COVID. There is a session at the VFW in Durango on Sunday afternoons in 2021.