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Helpful information

It’s just taken me a forty mile round trip to find that it doesn’t happen every Wednesday.
I think it might be 1st and 3rd Weds but don’t take my word …. ring the pub if you want to avoid a wasted journey.

I think its on a Tuesday now. The pub’s been flooded and re-opens soon but I’d check before travelling

Day in the montyh

This session is on every first Tuesday in the month - starting in April.

It hasn’t run for a few months because the pub was flooded.

A very friendly session with some quality musicians usually there.

Sad demise of this session

Sadly as the pub has been closed and will soon be buried under the edifice of a morrisons superstore, the session had its swansong in November 2011. No-one felt like playing Morrisons jig that night….