Spirit Store

George’s Quay, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland

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Sundays at 6

My wife and I dropped in on this session on 8 July 2012 after spotting it on the session.org while driving through. It was very lively, friendly, and informal, more or less alternating between tunes and songs. We were welcomed immediately and urged to play and sing. The Spirit Store is a vey cool, funky pub, an important venue for music and the performing arts, on Georges Quay along the Castletown River. Starts around 6 p.m. every Sunday and goes till 9 or later. (There is another session on Tuesdays at 9 or so, but I’m told that it relies mainly on students and ebbs and flows with the academic calendar.). Spirit Store phone is 042-935-2697.

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Sundays 6-9pm.

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