O’Leary’s Pub

46 Princess St, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

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O’Leary’s Sessions

Comhaltas meets every Tuesday night at O’Leary’s from 7:00 PM onward. Additional sessions are offered on Monday nights for those who wish to learn new music in a more relaxed setting. Everyone is welcome!

Re: O’Leary’s

Does this still exist? I was there 3-4 years ago and it appeared not to.

Re: O’Leary’s

Although Mondays are dead, the Tuesday night Comhaltas session is still on. It starts with a very slow learning session at 7 for a half hour or so. Most musicians read from sheet music, and they do a rolling repertoire of fixed sets until 9 at which point it transitions into an open session and often goes until 11pm.

A big mix of capabilities and instrumentation here. It’s led by the amazing Cudmore duo and it’s very very friendly, of course, because it’s Saint John right?

Re: O’Leary’s Pub

As a further note to Justin’s comment two years ago:
There is no session on Monday’s at O’Leary’s. The sessions on Tuesday nights are in full swing however and officially run from September to June and end around 10pm.

That being said, most Tuesday nights some of the musicians will stay until 11pm, and during the summer musicians get together on Tuesday nights for unofficial sessions that are less structured.