The Poacher’s Pocket

181 Killinchy Road, BT23 5NE, Lisbane, Down, Northern Ireland

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Re: Lisbarnett House is Now Poacher’s Pocket

Using my Garmin GPS, I found the place, today, 8, June 2016. The Session Name listing is misleading.
The place changed hands several years ago, and it is no longer called Lisburnett House.
New owners expanded the area for the musicians, and now it’s called the Poacher’s Pocket.
I will attend the 9:00 PM Thursday session tomorrow. And when I get a chance will post a comment on the session.
The new website for the new owners is:

Re: Poacher’s Pocket

10 June, 2016
I sat in on the session in Comber last night, and had a great time.
Everyone was very welcoming, and we played a nice mix of new and old songs and old TRAD tunes.
They even let me play a couple of my compositions, and sing a Johnny Cash song.
Hats off to Stewie, Bobby, Andy, John, Arnie and the rest!
And thanks to the “Poacher People”, who bought me a couple of pints!

If I get back to this part of Ireland, and I hope to, I will definitely make it a point to attend this session.

Re: Poacher’s Pocket

14 July 2022.

Well, we, at last, started up the session again about 2 months ago in May 2022 on a Thursday evening, at the Poacher’s Pocket, Lisbane at 8.00pm. Several of us played at the tail end of the old Thursday sessions which petered out a couple of years pre-Covid. (At that stage we had started doing a regular Wednesday session.)

There are some new players and we’ve had some guests.

We’d like to see folks come along again!!