Five comments

Session at the Georgetown Grille, late Rosie O’Shea’s…

The session which used to call Rosie O’Shea’s in Newburyport home has moved to Georgetown, right in the center of town at the intersection of Routes 97 and 133. I never knew the old version, but this one has been very well attended the 4 times I’ve been there. It starts and ends promptly, at 6:30 and 9:30 respectively.
The format is somewhat less of a session, as I have experienced them--there’s a mike which is passed around from musician to musician whether you want it or not, and the leaders go around the circle asking each person to start a tune.
The physical organization could take some improvement, as there are more players than there are chairs in the circle, which forces some people to sit far, far away from the rest of the gang.
As far as attendees go, there are a fair number of beginners and, as long as you don’t mind being asked to play, it’s very beginner-friendly. You can always pass…it’s fiddle-heavy and whistle and bodhran light….which is unusual in my experience. There are a some intermediate and a few very good players. The group is very friendly; the music is somewhat eclectic. If you attend, expect to hear a fair amount of ballad-revival songs as well as some shanties, bluegrass, and old-timey stuff as well as irish dance tunes.

An Update…

The number of musicians who attend still varies a bit, but seems to have settled down to a more reasonable number for the size of the circle. The format has also become much more…session-like. The mikes are still there: if you want one, grab it. Most folks don’t. And most importantly the go-around-the-circle affair has been largely superceded by….“well, who has a tune?” The session still starts and ends promptly…but the ending hour has been pushed back to 9PM to allow the waitstaff to clean up and head home.

This group is still somewhat large for the space; it’s still a very, very welcoming session with a large component of beginning musicians. Going-around-the-circle is back…and a change of regulars has pushed the center further from anglo-celtic material; there’s a good deal of 60s and 70s folk material in there now.

Gone (sort of) for the time being….

Pending a change of ownership (which may well bring a different session to this location, under a different name) this session has moved to a private dwelling not far from the Georgetown Grille. For obvious reasons, I’m hesitant to post the new location, but if you’re in these parts…ask around at the various sessions. I’m sure you’ll find it. Same night: same time.

Stay tuned.

Session Back Again as Rory O’Connor’s

The Tuesday session is back again. It is largely the same: Run by Bill Perry and Ed Rioux, beginner-friendly, singer- friendly. It has benefited from an infusion of good players from a moribund session. Rory O‘Connor’ Pub also has Wed and Sunday sessions for the more advanced players.