Madden’s Bar

74 Berry Street, Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland

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Old favourite

Madden’s is probably the most well-known traditional music venue in Belfast. Sessions used to run until 11.30 on Friday’s and Saturdays but now they have a late licence until 1.00 AM so less people are sprinting to the Hercules around the corner for a last drink. You never know who might be playing and sessions can occur at any time as well as the regular slots, especially at weekends during the daytime in the run-up to Christmas. The regulars are real characters, friendly and full of banter so expect the odd joke at your expense.

Went up for a wee visit last week and the music wasn’t bad. Musicians in attendance included Stevie Porter on Pipes, Adrian Scahill on box, Aidan Walsh banjo, Jim Byrne Guitar, Maria Rafferty Flute, Dusty Dorris Fiddle, Robin on Fiddle plus a clatter of us Co Down boys. Had the makings of a brilliant session but the noise level of the punters really was a distraction.

Noise levels

Maddens, from time to time,suffers from its own popularity.During term time it gets the odd influx of university students who are there because it is seen as the place to go,not to listen to the session. Unfortunately this can also apply to some of the regulars . The music,when audible, is normally excellent.

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yes,on the odd few times i’ve visited there’s been some great music going on.
especially fiddles and flutes.
which was nice…

Excellent session in Maddens on a monday night 9pm-11.30pm.
Core musicians every week are Barry Kerr (flute/pipes) and Donal O Connor (fiddle), there’s usually another wee handful of musicians turn up as well. Very good music
Much quieter, the punters are there to listen to the music.

Great evening sessions in Maddens on Sat at 4 with Kevin Dorris and usually a good guest

Was down in Maddens last night (Monday). Amazing session. Only know 2 of the players names Tom Clarke on pipes and Breandan O’Her on Flute. As the night went on there was pipes, 3 flutes, 4 fiddles, button box, banjo and a harp. I couldn’t believe the stuff I was hearing! Great night.

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this session is still up and running 9 - 11 monday nights, downstairs at maddens is a noisey place at the best of times… but the tunes were great and the players were very friendly.

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Sessions in July 2013?

Are sessions still running? I’m going to be visiting my sister (with fiddle in hand) 14-16 July 2013? Brian (originally from Derry now in the US) Edmiston

Re: Madden’s Bar

Showed up our last night in Belfast to Madden’s on Sunday night 2019 -- a modern song session was running when we got there a bit after 6, but they made way for a lovely small session at around 8pm, who were very tolerant and friendly to my inexpert fiddle playing.