Tommy Doyle’s

96 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

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Woo hoo! Going to check it out tonight - visiting
from Australia.

I wuz there

I had a great time. The place was full of happy Harvard students,
maybe looking forward to graduating. It was small session - 5
of us. Friendly people. My cousin Dave was served a Guiness
in a ‘Coors Light’ glass - had to get a photo. The session ran
7-9.30 before the regulars called it a day. A nice little pub that
years ago was called the House of Blues in another incarnation.

Tommy Doyle’s Update

There are currently three weeky sessions at Tommy Doyle’s —

Mondays 7-9 (with myself)
Wednesdays 6-8 (with Seán Connor)
Thursdays 6:30-9:30 (with me and Sean)

Mondays and Wednesdays are fairly small at the moment, just 2-5 players in a quiet pub. The Thursday session, our original night at Tommy’s, draws a nice crowd of regulars, say 5-15 players. All levels are welcome — everyone will be asked at least once a night to start a tune, but otherwise it is jump in as you will. Most of our regulars are mid-level players, but Boston being Boston we get some real burners in now and again. Songs are very welcome, but the focus is usually tunes, with maybe a song or 2 an hour from myself or someone else. We get a small bar tab for drinks, which is enough for at least a pint each, more if you arrive early and drink fast. Under 21s are welcome before 9, under 18s if accompanied by a guardian. Tá Gaeilge agam agus bím sásta i gcónaí amhrán Gaelach a chasadh, ar an sean nós nó ceol tíre Chonamara! Come out and see us.

Another Update

The Monday session is on hiatus until after Paddy’s Day.

Currently running Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday morning/afternoon. (noon- 3PM - that’s morning to me!)

Does anybody know the current schedule for this? Stopped by today to check out the Sunday session, but the bartender told us it was on hiatus until March. (At least brunch was decent!)


No more tunes at Tommy’s, at least for the foreseeable future.

Rise Again

The session is back at Tommy’s once a month, on the first Sunday from 11:30am-2:30pm. You could go see the Gannons at the Burren after. 😉