The Royal Oak

Market Square, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales

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A well supported session masquerading under the name of Fishguard folk-club. Turn up from about 8pm and you will be made most welcome. Anything goes, songs and tunes, Irish, Scottish and Welsh ( and French too more recently ). The folk club organise the annual Fishguard folk festival- end of May bank holiday. Great pub and great landlord too.

I don’t suppose there will be anyone at this pub tomorrow night? (Monday?}


I visited the pub this week and was pleased to see the session was well attended with about 10 players.

The pub normally serves food but not this week.

The music was mainly Irish and to a high quality


Royal Oak, Fishguard

Today, I was in Fishguard (which I know quite well), only to discover that the pub is "temporarily" closed and boarded up, although the notice board outside still refers to the Tuesday session.
And I brought my fiddle with me to West Wales this week on holiday in the hope of a session at the famous old Royal Oak in Fishguard’s town square.

Royal Oak, Fishguard

I’ve just seen the following comment on

"As you may or may not know, the Royal Oak is closed at present and as we have not had any indication or even an answer to our phone calls about its re-opening any time soon, other plans have had to be made. It is hoped the 2012 programme will be published in the next few days."

I believe "2012 programme" refers to the 13th Fishguard Folk Festival, to be held 1-4 June 2012.

Today (29 March) as I was passing the Royal Oak I saw a recently posted notice on its door directing the Tuesday session to the Globe, about 200 yds down the road towards the Lower Town. An enquiry of the landlord of the Globe elicited up-to-date information that, as from the first Tuesday in April, the session would in fact be at the Ship and Anchor, next to the Co-op store in the High Street, about 200 yds from the Royal Oak in the opposite direction. This was confirmed by staff at the Ship and Anchor.

I hope all this works out well for the session (which I shall unfortunately miss because I’ll be back in Bristol), but it is disturbing that there is such a deafening silence and manifest lack of interest in potential customers from whatever company now owns the Royal Oak.

My guess is that the Ship and Anchor will be an important focal point for the forthcoming Fishguard Folk Festival.

Thanks for that information

I often stay in Fishguard on my frequent trips between Ireland and London. Hope to see you soon…

Currently at the Ship and Anchor

Here is an update based on my visit to Fishguard on Tuesday 22nd May 2012:

The Royal Oak had been reopened and was being run by a manager appointed by the brewery. However, the session was currently still being held at the Ship and Anchor.

Whether the session organiser and regulars will continue there, or decide to go back to the Royal Oak is unclear. The Ship and Anchor is certainly a nice session pub - on the evening that I was there, a well-kept Marston’s Pedigree on handpump, and very appreciative punters.

On 22nd May it was mostly Irish music, along with a few Welsh and English tunes. Also quite a few good songs: mostly traditional and some unaccompainied incuding a shanty.

All in all, a very varied and thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Keep up the good work, Fishguardites!

“Royal Oak Session” - still at the Ship and Anchor

Revisited on Tuesday 24th July.

More tunes and less songs than when I last visited - but I guess the tune/song ratio is just down to whoever happens to turn up on any given Tuesday. The tunes played were mostly Irish, with a sprinkling of English, Scottish and Welsh tunes. The songs were mostly contemporary.

Again, a very enjoyable session.

The long-term future of the Royal Oak is apparently still in doubt, so it looks like the session will stay at the Ship and Anchor for the foreseeable future.

However, it’s probably safest to check in advance with Bryan (the session organiser) on 01348 875183 or email - especially if you are travelling some distance.

Back at the Royal Oak

Visited again on Tuesday, 13th November 2012.

NOTE: This session is now back at its old home, the Royal Oak.

Another excellent session - mostly Irish tunesets (taken at quite a fast tempo!)

Also some Engish tunesets, and a few songs.

Moving to the Old Coach House

Tuesday 2 September 2014 this session was held in the Old Coach House, High Street, Fishguard, because the Royal Oak was shut again. It was arranged to continue in the Old Coach House, next week and beyond.

As before, "it’s probably safest to check in advance with Bryan (the session organiser) on 01348 875183 or email - especially if you are travelling some distance."

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Update 13th Sept 2014

The Fishguard Session.
Change of venue, now at The Coach House, 75 yards (ish) from the Oak, toward Haverfordwest.
Tuesday evenings throughout the year 8pm. The session is informal and features folk and traditional performers, shanties, Welsh songs, Irish jigs and reels, singer/songwriters, and more. Everyone is welcome to come along and join in or just listen.
Contact Bryan on 07934 418186 or email

Fishguard session

The Royal Oak finally closed its doors a few months ago, no signs or willingness to re-open have emerged, so our home now is The Old Coach House, High Street, about 75 yards (ish) from the Oak toward Haverfordwest.
We have been made most welcome there.


It is expected that the Royal Oak will
re-open on Tuesday July 19th 2016, once again hosting the Fishguard session.
It’s been a long time away, full of uncertainty as to whether it would ever open again. After great efforts getting the pub open for a few days for the festival, the feel of the place was still there, albeit still a work in progress.
Folk on!

Fishguard Session

The Fishguard Folk Session will be returning to the Royal Oak on Tuesday 19th July.
The welcome and the time we spent at the Coach House has been very much appreciated, and special thanks go to Chris and the bar staff who have looked after us so well for the last couple of years.