The Boathouse

Station Road, Wylam, Wylam, Tyne and Wear, England

Six comments

1st session tomorrow Thur 18th Dec 2008 then 3rd Thursdays thereafter

This session is moving from HexhamTap and Spile which closed. See there for details.

First night went well . 35+ musicians and nearly room for some locals wanting a pint. May start 7.30 as that’s the time the Hexham train arrives.


Set to go again on 15th Jan .. probably in more space room.

Now the 1st Wed of each month

Has settled at about 25-30 players. Still not much room.

Tap and Spile restarted and has retrieved most of it’s players. The Boathouse continues with 8-12 players.

Still going

I got to the last one but don’t often make it now. Prob still gets plus/minus 10 players. Northumbrian and other stuff.