Prince Of Wales

118 Alcester Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, England

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Prince of Wales

Great pub with loads of nice beers and people. Friendly session, beginners always welcome.

Wish I could pop round soon, great place, good tunes

Does anyone know if this session is still going

Am stuck in birmingham (24th september) with work and would love some good music


Yes, the session’s still going

It starts about 9.30 pm

Sunday session on 3rd Sunday of the month

As well as the weekly session on Tuesdays, there is a monthly session on the third Sunday of each month run by the Traditional Arts Team, where you can enjoy playing and listening to English, Scottish & Irish folk music and song.

Re: Prince Of Wales

This session is still happening - every 2nd and 4th wednesday of the month

Re: Prince Of Wales

I am flute player from Spain and I’ll be in Birmingham from 16th to 19th april 2019. is there a chance to join the session on wednesday 17th?


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Is this session up and running again? Id love to come along

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Session is up and running again every two weeks on a Tuesday. Next one should be 23/12/21, you can work the rest out from there. Friendly bunch of people, beginners made welcome.