Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub

158 Queen Street South, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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Slow to moderate speed session

There’s a distinct lack of sessions between Toronto and Hamilton. So far, I’m the only one there, "practicing" what I do know.

This should definitely be good for beginners. But I’d also welcome any seasoned players to come out, teach me a few things and get the session fires burning in Mississauga/Oakville.

Come on and come out!


Barring difficulties with helping to get children into bed…

I aim to be there for 8pm.


Is this a weekly session?

Have you considered coming out to the Winking Judge on Wednesdays in Hamilton?

Have you contacted Loretto Reid or any of the other people near Mississauga?

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Melodeon players out there?

I have lived in Burlington for 25 yrs and never met anyone here who plays the melodeon so I would really like to. When’s the Session in Mississauga and how often? Any contacts would be very welcome.


Melodeon’s welcome

You’re welcome to come to Hamilton on Wednesday nights at the Winking Judge. 8:30pm start.

I don’t know about this session, as it doesn’t seem to *be* a session.

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Re: weekly

Yes, it’s weekly on Monday nights.

Nico, I do use the term "session" loosely here. More accurately, it’s me practicing the few handfulls of tunes that I know. If anyone else shows up, I take a back seat and they lead if they are inclined.

To that end, it’s been three fiddles consistently for the last few weeks. Students of Sandy Macintyre who come out.

This week, it was 2-3 fiddles with one person alternating between his violin and a digital piano.

Unfortunately, no local Mississauga folks as of yet.

But we’ll see where we get with persistence.

The map of where this session is.

I love the map! A pointer, two straight lines and no words!

The lovely map…

I quite like the "official" map. It has a certain dada-esqe meaningless about it. Especially if you are in South London and have no concept of what your part of Canada is like!
I also like it when Jeremy’s software can’t track down a place and it just shows you a bland map of the whole country/ county. And the maps where instead of (e.g.) Smithtown, Mongolia it displays a map of Smithtown, South Africa or wotteffah!



P.S. Next time I’m in your area I’ll drop in for a play!


Can I show up some Monday with my guitar? How bout a banjo?

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Still in the area / willing to re-start?


I would love to go to a session in Mississauga. Would you be willing to restart this one, or is there another one in the area you know is active?

For a while, I was going to Whelan’s Gate on Bloor on Tuesdays, but it is just so far from NW Mississauga. Please contact me.

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