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Home Sessions in Moscow

Currently there’re no steady pub sessions mostly because pubs here are more interested in profit than live traditional music. However, we organize sessions from time to time at home or at Rosie’s, where one can reserve a nice quite room beforehand. It may be interesting to note that there’re some uilleann pipers, fiddlers, flute, bouzouki & guitar players around, not counting a huge lot of beginner whistlers some of whom may be more annoying than bodhran players from jokes)) But despite the number of musicians the habit of sessions is still not firm. Most are grouped in bands and are content with their own tunes & company, while some others are fairly social. Therefore usually we gather in a close circle of friends to have some craic and exchange some tunes. Those evenings are fun and even better when guests from other towns & lands join in. So whenever you happen to be in Moscow and if you’re curious about local sessions, contact me and we’ll try gathering our folks)) The schedule is not fixed, it can be any day of the week. See you!

So, maybe update the location (the culture centre thing)?

Moscow sessions

I don’t think the situation really changed to update this page. However, there’re some more or less regular sessions currently going on:

Vermel Club session: once in 2 weeks at 8PM Moscow time
a company of musicians and set-dancers come together to have fun. Nice place and nice people, but all too loud IMO.

Vasilyevkaya street session: no fixed schedule (contact me if you want to know when the next one is scheduled), it has been running once or twice in a month this year. The place itself is a quite room with no bar (we bring food & drinks with us) but nice friendly atmosphere. The last session we had there was a memorable one indeed, with Brendan Begley and his two sons being our special guests. There’s currently another variant of place considered, but the concept remains the same - nice & quiet session where one can hear the others and him/herself.