William & Mary Bookstore (Barnes & Noble)

345 West Duke Of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

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1st & 3rd Mondays of each month starting March 2

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What more can you tell me about this session? Could you post the tunes you will be playing? I’m an intermediate tin whistle player but have never attended a session before. Thanks

New Venue

We have moved from Squires to the cafe of Barnes & Noble,
the bookstore for the College of William & Mary.
Times are the same

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Venue Location

The Map on this link shows the wrong location. It is on Duke of Gloucester St (DOG St to locals) - but it is west of the indicator - It is on Merchants Square on the corner of Henry & Duke of Gloucester right next to the Bruton Parish Church offices & store.

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Venue location

OK - The map is now correct - they have DOG street separated as East & West - which is news to us locals.

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WOW! Really great session this past Monday night!

Great turnout (both musicians AND listeners). Just when I thought it was all over, someone suggested moving it outside in front of the store, where we played for another hour!

Thanks to everyone for coming out, and thanks to Ryan for sending along these two youtube videos of (Night Before) Last Night’s Fun!




The videos are of our session.

Added days

We’ve gone ahead and added a 5th Monday session. They don’t happen too often, but it breaks up that long period between the 3rd Monday of one month and the 1st of the next.

New Slow Session

We’re going to have slow sessions on the even Mondays of the month starting Sept 28. These are suitable for beginners.
So, a session every Monday - 1,3,5 fast & 2&4 slow.
Come on out!

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Session break

We’re not going to have sessions at Barnes & Noble from Dec 20 until after April 22, 2011. Anyone interested in joining our sessions can contact Dan Jackson.

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Resuming sessions

We’ll be back on the normal schedule as of April 2011
Odd Mondays 7-9pm are regular sessions
Even Mondays 7-9pm are slow sessions

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A Listener’s Reveiw

I heard a few sessions last year and it sounded great. A nice variety of instruments (including uillean pipes I think) and at a pretty good level as far as playing skills go, although beginners would not be out of place- they both practiced and played as I recall. The location is also very nice - in the upstairs cafe of the bookstore. Hoping to hear more this year!

May I sit in?

I wanted to see if you were still having the sessions? I stay in Hampton and am an intermediate Mandolin player, wanting to be exposed to more celtic music. Love the videos. If the answer is yes, then what time do folks show up tomorrow night?


Re: William & Mary Bookstore (Barnes & Noble)

Just started back up on odd Wednesdays (1st, 3rd, 5th Weds of each month)

Re: William & Mary Bookstore (Barnes & Noble)

What is the schedule now? 1st Monday would be tomorrow but W&M BN says may 8

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Re: William & Mary Bookstore (Barnes & Noble)

Is this session still active?

Re: William & Mary Bookstore (Barnes & Noble)

Coming up from Norfolk, if this session is still active…. Please, anyone, respond if you see this.

Re: William & Mary Bookstore (Barnes & Noble)

B&N has moved from the address above which now houses a farmers’ market and a sportswear shop. There does not appear to be a session at the 5101 Main Street branch (where all events appear to be virtual).

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