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This is the "new" Corvallis session.

The Sunnyside Up session migrated day and venue, to Tuesdays at the Old World Deli. The Deli houses a great local brewery, Oregon Trail, and they’ve got a nice random selection of food at the counter as well (great sandwiches, brownies, etc.).

The session is largely intermediate to advanced players. All are welcome. Sheet music, updated almost weekly with members’ favorites, is available through a web link.

Session runs from 7 pm to 9 or just before, depending on how anxious they are to close.

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Another change of venue

This session is now at the Allan Brothers Beanery, at the corner of Second and Washington (a block from the old place). The session time is altered as well: 7:30pm to 10pm.
The sheet music for most of the tunes played is available at
For more info call: 541.757.1653

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Moved again!

Now back at the Sunnyside Up. Times 6:30pm-9pm Tuesday

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Session is recessed for the summer (2011)

Sunnyside Up shortened its hours for the summer. We have been assured that we will be welcomed back in the fall. Still Tuesdays as of this writing.

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The Corvallis session has now been at Imagine Coffee for a bit less than a year, perhaps? It’s a great, welcoming venue.

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Friendly folks

Went the other night while visiting Corvallis and was welcomed right in. Decent size group with a nice mix of instruments. If you are going, check out their tune list. I know a lot of tunes, but they played many that I did not know and have never heard—a mix of Irish, some Scottish, French Canadian, and some I could not figure out. Quite enjoyable.

Re: Imagine Coffee

I’m a Minnesota visiting Corvallis. Wonderful session! I was warmly invited, familiar and unfamiliar tunes. I was too busy playing to sample the venue’s food.