O’Malley’s Irish Pub

Yrjönkatu 26, Helsinki, Uudenmaa, Finland

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The best session in Finland

The O’Malley’s session on Sunday nights usually start at around 8-9 p.m. and end before midnight. These sessions have been going on for many years, since the 80’s, and are always good fun. The music is 90% Irish traditional, played with all the traditional instruments. Noted guests during the years: Christy Moore, Colm Murphy, P.J. King, Tony Byrne, Alan Doherty, Gavin Whelan, Kevin Burke, etc. The list is endless!

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Thanks for advetising the session, Matti!
I will be there anyway. I would also like to see the first person who comes there having got the info about the session from this site! So anybody, if you come to the session because of this ad let me know, please. I’m the guy with the guitar, bouzouki or banjo.

Oh yes! We have had some good ones in this pub!

For beginners…

In my own experience:

-If (and when) you want to join in, I suggest you take a few sundays and just listen to the tunes that are being played. It helps you to learn the tunes, when you have a good idea of the melody.

-You can (and should) take advice from senior members of the session. Still, if you feel completely lost, keep in mind that it is not necessary to play along in every tune. When in doubt, DON’T improvise.

- - - Waiting for the first session of 2003…

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Change of schedule

I was just looking at the O’Malley’s website and it seems that the new ITM session day is Thursday.
They’re also having other kinds of sessions, ‘acoustic folk’ and ‘jazz and blues’ session. Contact the bar for details.

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Another change of schedule

The O’Malley’s session is still very active but the day is tuesday and starting time is 7pm.

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A good welcome

I was given a warm welcome to this session last Tuesday. Some very talented musicians and a pleasant atmosphere.

Change in schedule (again)

Well, now the session schedule has gone full circle and we have gone back to the original sunday sessions, the first one starting on sunday 22 October 2006. I think the starting time will be at 7pm, but I will keep you posted if changes occur.

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Some History: Ye Olde Session in O’Malley’s…

I only now noticed Ville’s comment… Full circle and a half! The original session day was Thursday in the early ‘80’s… We had the sessions in the old “little”3 O’Malley’s. There was only 48 seats in there at the time.. OK. Memories…. 🙂

Whats going on in O’Malleys?

Wow really old posts these here! Guess the event is nowadays on wednesdays,..? Still alive and kicking? But I’m very interested of these O’Malleys sessions, coming to see what’s going on next time, first to listen what tunes are being played and maby join in later on. There some tunes that usually are favored that I could be prepared..? My instrument is flute and whistle.

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Re: O’Malley’s Irish Pub

As of this autumn the sessions in O’Malley’s might be retired… What a pity! Let’s see what happens…

Re: O’Malley’s Irish Pub

Hello, all!
O’Malley’s sessions in Helsinki are on again since Sept. 2018.

Re: O’Malley’s Irish Pub

Is this session still alive and on Wednesdays? What’s the starting time?

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Re: O’Malley’s Irish Pub

To answer my own question, yes its still running and I was given a very warm welcome.

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