The Brian Boru

5 Prospect Road, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland

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Brian Boru Session

Informal session hosted by members of IMRAMA. Join us for a mix of tunes and songs.

Sounds like the Irish version of Camera , campain for Real Ale here in the UK 😉

Sounds like a grand time! What time does the session start? I’ll be in Dublin from Nov-Dec and want to make a few sessions this sounds like a nice one!

Re: Hedigans, The Brian Boru

Hi folks,
Just a reminder that the session is still going strong after 7 years!

We’ve had a number of return visitors from abroad which is always nice to see.

Come join us if you’re around!

Re: The Brian Boru

Kicks off at 9pm, according to the pub’s website. The ‘dublinsessions’ link to the pub is defunct.

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Re: The Brian Boru

No longer running .

This session shut down a few years ago apparently was a very good session