Edinbane Inn

Lower Edinbane, Edinbane, Isle Of Skye, Scotland

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Edinbane sesh

The session at Edinbane is a friendly afternoon affair hosted by good musicians. All are welcome to come and try their bit whatever their standard. Beginners are welcome as long as they don’t try and play through the more advanced stuff. There you are!

!!!!!!…..Advanced stuff…….!!!!!!

Sounds scary…………..

Sounds Scary

Don’t be daft!!

Haha. It’s absolutely petrifying. :P

Aye true! That’s if you’re suffering from the fear for some strange reason like Dunvegan sesh thursday, gig friday and gig saturday. We do know a remedy though, pints and tunes!

Pints and tunes cures most ailments, including the three day hangover that is the result of the Dunvegan session 🙂

Still active?

I looked in just after noon Sunday, but the hotel seemed to be completely locked up. Also tried phoning, but got no reply. Won’t be back up in Skye for foreseeable future, but it would be useful for any other visitors to know if this session is still active.

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Yes still active

The hotel has just had a change of ownership/leadership and a bit of a face lift in the bar (rest of the building on going but should be fully functional for Easter 2011, meals and accommodation).

Sunday session still going well, kicks off around 4:00pm. If anything I’d say there is a sense of revitalisation about the place, great tune yesterday.

Free beers to Ronnie & Annabel for breathing a new lease of life into the old place.

More tunes. Tuesdays and Sundays @ the Inn

There is a Tuesday night session at the Inn now. It begun a few weeks ago and has instantly become a busy wee night. The tunes on Tuesday begin 9pm. The Sunday tunes are still 4pm until whenever.

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Hi! Hoping to come by the session tomorrow. Does it still start at 4pm? The Inn website says 3pm. Thanks!!

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Sessions here are now all year round on Sundays 3 - 5 usually with a wee break in January, and Tuesdays from 9pm from around April until October.

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Tuesdays are over for the season now and sessions will be Friday nights and Sunday afternoons over the winter.

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Is this session on now. Tuesday night? Hoping to attend this week.

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Lovely, small session…dynamite fiddling, mostly Irish but one local knew lots of Scots tunes! Easy to find. Friendly…recommend!

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You must have struck an unusual night if it was mostly Irish Susan but glad you enjoyed it.

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Tuesdays now finished till next April.

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Sesh on this Sunday?

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Was braw!