The Black Sheep

51 N. Main Street, Ashland, Oregon, USA

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The Black Sheep Session- Ashland, Oregon, USA

The Black Sheep Session (Sundays 2-5pm) is open to all, with 10-20 "locals" in regular attendance. The tunes are mostly Irish, with some Scottish, English, etc. This is not a beginner’s session (at least for melody), as the tempos tend to be fast. However, it’s a great place for the beginner to work on chord accompaniment. Typical instruments include fiddle, whistle, flute, guitar, accordian, mandolin, tenor banjo, bazouki, and bodhran. Occasionally a uilleann pipes and keyboard will also appear. A dancer or two will sometimes enter the circle. Vocals are rare.

Very friendly and welcoming to a first-timer. Willing to play at whatever speed you need, just to get you to participate.

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The Black Sheep

The session has thinned a bit since 2002, but there’s still a core of 5-7 regulars. Being on the I-5 corridor, travelling musicians frequently drop in, so you never know. Remains very welcoming and friendly with lots of support from the musicians, and mgt. as well. Many other genre sessions in Ashland: Bluegrass, Old Timey, Balkan, jazz, Quebequois.

The Black Sheep session is still going strong!

If you are visiting Ashland stop by and play some tunes with us. We have anywhere from 4-16 regular musicians but there always seems to be room for one more.

Due to the fact that many of the key players have moved away, and the attendance of the remaining experienced people is extremely spotty, this session has degenerated to a fairly consistent group of beginner/intermediate musicians who play the same old tunes, slowly, and out of tune. The craic is gone.

We’re still having fun at the Black Sheep!

Ten years and we’re still counting the good times playing Irish music at the Black Sheep! Several younger folks have brought new vitality and energy to the session, and us "old timers" are loving it! This continues to be an intermediate to advanced level session, although the occasional waltz or hornpipe tempers the pace, and a few vocals do give the fingers a rest. Come join us if you find yourself in Ashland on a Sunday afternoon. The craic is great!

Any of the regulars still coming out?

I remember the old sessions with William Greene and Kevin Carr, is that young fiddler Sean still coming out?

Any of the regulars still coming out?

Yes, all 3 of them still show up quite a bit.

Re: The Black Sheep

This session is still going and was very welcoming when I popped in recently.

Re: The Black Sheep

With the addition of new folks moving into the area, and past folk returning, we have a strong session going these days. Every Sunday 2–5. Melody players especially welcome. The level is still intermediate/advanced, and the tunes are all Irish (with only the rare exception). The craic is back!