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The White Lion is situated about 5 minutes’ walk south from Streatham Hill station, on the west side of the road. The main instruments are flute, button accordion and tenor banjo. The music is of a very high standard, but the atmosphere is friendly and less advanced players are welcomed. It is predominantly an instrumental session, but the occasional song is welcome.

When on a Sunday?

At what times does this session begin/end?
And who are the musicians?

It’s Sunday evenings, I think it’s supposed to start about 7.30pm but that may not be completely accurate. I haven’t been for ages, so I won’t try to guess who’s playing there now…

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ps - it’s nice to play there early, the acoustics of that pub are brilliant while it’s empty. Correspondingly, it gets noisy later on, as there’s so much reverb.

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Session defunct?

this session appears to have closed down. bar staff seemed to think it was a casulaty of euro 2004?

Has it???? I’ll ask the people at the Kilkenny tonight cos I know a couple of them there were regulars.

See all these Sunday sessions wait til I’m on holiday and might actually be able to go (without the threat of Monday Morning) and then shut up shop! …maybe this tells me something!!!!