Three comments

The Shamrock in Kichijoji

Though originally located in Shinjuku, after the World Cup this popular pub suddenly moved to Kichijoji, which is around twenty minutes away from the centre of Tokyo by train. This unfortunately reduced the number of the session from four times to twice a month.

In the third week, the Moriyasu Band plays. They are a flute and whistle player and a multi-instrumental lady, who plays the concertina, harp, bodhran, and spoons. I haven’t talked a lot with them yet, but it is obvious they learned the music in Clare. In fact, it seems they recorded a CD with east Clare musicians. Guest players, especially fiddlers will be welcome.

In the fourth week, the band Eiri na Greina (mostly Irish musicians) plays. I haven’t seen them in the new place, but the seesion featured most kinds of instruments including pipes, and it heated up as the regular members arrived late and joined one by one.

The pub itself is not so expensive and not so busy. So, quite nice place for some pints and live music.

This reminds me of a story that John Skelton told me when we met. He was living in London at the time & the doorbell rang. He answered the door to find a Japanese man standing at his door nervously. The man asked him if he was John Skelton, he told him he was & the Japanese stranger asked him if he could hear him play some music. John was a little put out but invited him in for tea. The Japanese man recorded his playing than politely excused himself. He believes the man was "Paddy’ of "Paddy & Bridget" from Japan, but he never was sure who the man was.

This pub closed down shortly after we had a memorable session with Dow. There are many other Irish pubs in Tokyo, but it was a bit special place.