Glencar Inn

Glencar Shopping Centre, Circular Road, Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland

Eight comments

These sessions have been going on for a few years now, normally on a Sunday night from 10pm in the Ballyboe Bar.

For the summer the times have changed to 8-10:30 in the main bar and the session is on a Friday and a Sunday night.

Good mix of tunes and songs, mostly Irish but welcome to more wordly tunes. Very friendly atmosphere. All musicians welcome.


This session is still going strong and gets better each week. The friday session is cancelled until 23rd of October, hopefully both nights will be up and running again after that.

Another Update

Just a note to say that the sessions are still going strong on friday and sunday nights from 8-10:30pm. We’ve even had a couple of folks from this site come along the odd time which was great!

Friday has been cancelled for a couple of months. but Sunday still starts at eight!

Sunday Session

Excellent session with great musicians who are very welcoming! The evening I went to this session there was also an American couple on holiday who were taking part with the husband on concertina and the wife on fiddle, if I remember correctly. The local group were inclusive of all. I didn’t have my guitar along, but they encouraged me to sing a song and were happy enough to have me do some sean nos steps!

Another update again.

Session still tearing away, Sunday nights in the main bar, kicking off about 8 and usually on the go til about half 12.

Update 2013

Popped in to the Glencar Inn while on holiday in Donegal and found a group of 5 very talented musicians who played from ~8pm on Sunday. They were more than willing to let others and beginners join in. We had a fantastic time, thank you!


I’m afraid this session isn’t running for a while lads. Might pick up again for the summer (in which case I’ll update) but for now, no session in the Glencar Inn.