69 Broad Lane, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

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A well run session at Fagan’s

Varied music, excellent musicians, good real ale and a friendly welcome from Tom the Landlord. There are sessions nearly every night of the week with different themes, each session has a leader or 2 who have a loose hand on the tiller but nevertheless keep things under control. Possibly suitable for beginners but the standard is high and it’s the pub of choice for quite a few pro and semi pro musicians.

Great pub and high quality of music, the couple of times I’ve been there. Glad to hear it’s still going strong.

Richard Hawley’s local! A great music pub and some cracking Irish music. It has been the scene for quite a lot of now famous regular musicians It was The Barrel but was changed to commemorate Joe Fagan ( ex landlord and one of the Dambusters - RIP) His portrait is the pub sign

Tuesday is the best night for tunes, particularly Irish stuff.

Anyone have more details?

It’s been a while since I last went — what are the best nights?

Best night for tunes at Fagan’s?

I visit spasmodically, but Wednesdays are good for a mixture of tunes and songs, Tuesdays I gather are also good, but I urge people to just turn up and have a play, no-one will tell you to go away, unless, of course, you don’t observe etiquette! The etiquette at Fagan’s is usually excellent, and it’s simple, if you play a tune that no-one knows, play through it*, then go on to one that other people can join in on, don’t hog the show! Listen to the other players, don’t blast them out, taste is something that you need to be a musician.
*Every musician likes to hear a new tune, but they go to a session to play with other musicians!

Called in

Called in tonight - a Tuesday, there was no session, I was told it happens if Pat is about, but no others turned up.
The landlord said normally there are sessions Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and sometimes Saturday.
Best to call them first.

A pub of legend …

This has been my favourite pub for sessions for about 20 years, on and off. It’s varied, sometimes unexpected, and the standard of playing is generally high, but all levels are encouraged. The "best" nights to go on will organically change over time. Thursday is quiz, Sunday is no session, all other nights are music. Folk, Jazz, Blues and Random.

Visited again

After a few days staying in sheffield, visited again. I was welcomed by everyone on all nights. At the time Monday nights were an eclectic mix of whoever turns up, the landlord said it was mainly americana but anything goes. I had a great night playing along with well known and less well known songs and played a few american english and irish tunes between with the other tune players who attended.
Tuesday was mainly irish tunes and a few songs with Pat being there this time, great stuff, if you are in the area this is the night for an irish trad tune challenge, thanks Pat.
Wednesday was a mix of folk and other songs and a few tunes, this was the busiest night.
Everyone that was there when i visited could play or sing to a very high standard, i had a great time all helped by tom the landlord who has some good songs himself.
I will be back when i am working in the area.

Re: Fagan’s

Is this session still going? It was great in its day. Thanks.