The Harp Tavern

Lower Quay Street, Sligo, Sligo, Ireland

Three comments

Harp Tavern Monday session

A number of sessions in Sligo are called "traditional Irish sessions" and the local info bureau told me it was a drop-in jam session, but it’s not. It was a local band that played their own established sets and allowed a couple of others to join in on a tune or two. This is a very popular session - the place was packed, but it’s more of a show with mics, amplifiers, etc.

Harp Tavern Monday session

Was there 3/31/08. It was definitely not a session per se, but the music was great(both songs and tunes) , and the musicians and patrons very welcoming. My daughter danced the last set of reels, and was warmly received. One of my fondest memories of our trip to Ireland, and one of the reasons I can’t wait to return to Sligo.

This is a session? Dont think so…………

I called first to make sure and spoke to a guy who assured me that it was an informal drop-in anybody welcome thing. I.e. What I understand as a "session". When some musicians eventually appeared, 45 mins later than promised, I asked one of the guys if I could join them, to be curtly told "Perhaps later - not at the moment though". The three then proceeded to churn out well-worn songs and tunes in a manner which was more like a rehearsed cabaret. I sat there listening to this dirge for a whole hour, was completely ignored, and ended up walking out. Unlike the previous holidayer, it is one of the reasons why I will stay away from Sligo.