The Mayflower Pub

1533 4th Street, San Rafael, California, USA

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Tuesday Night Seisuin, San Rafael

The weekly seisuin is held Tuedsay evenings at 7:30pm. The musicians are highly skilled and friendly. Observe etiquitte and protocols. Don’t walk on the locals. Instruments to be found there: Uilleann pipes, fiddles, accordions, whistles, flutes, and occasional cello. Bodhrans are usually stacked in a holding pattern. The skill level of the musicians, as stated earlier, is high, as is their playing speed. Wear goggles in the proximity of fiddlers.

Screens and darts.

Whilst the seisiun players play in the dining room, there are some disctractions: Some big plasma screens at the bar, which is unfortunate and generally needless. They are not aurally intrusive, however.

Love the players there but hate the setup. The regulars sit up on this minuscule “stage” that has a rail around it. If you’re not a regular you can’t sit up there and the rail makes it difficult to watch the core players from the floor area if that is where you are sitting.

The frequency had been changed!

The session gets together on the first Tuesday of the month. Play begins at 7:30 and ends at 10:00.