Calle Perines, 42, Santander, Cantabria, Spain

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Mainly Scottish tunes:


Reaping the rye-Miss Campbell of Sheerness-Drops of Brandy I y II.

Scarce o’ tatties-Humours of whisky I &II- Rocking the baby- Calliope house-The stoole of repentance

Lieutenant Maguire- Barbara’s- I. Blakley

Paddy’s leather breeches- The curlew- Turf lodge

Thunderhead- The geese in the bog- Banjo breakdown


Brenda Stubbert’s-The wind that shaked the barley-Jenny dang the weaver.

Da merry boys o’ Greenland —Willafiord-MacArthur road-The life boat reel

Easy club reel-Skye dance- The deer is where the glen is-W. Murray reel

Reel-The Highlandman kissed his mother-sleep soond in da morning-Miss MacLeod of Rassay-High road to Linton-Ale is dear

Loudens bonnie woods and braes-Tail Todle-The pipers of drummond-The MacFarlanes-The Whistlebinkies-Devonshire Terrace

Miss Girdle-Sleeping Maggie

Heiland donald-Johnny lad-Jock Wilson ball-Reel of Tulloch

Devil in the kitchen-Stuart Chisholm walkabout-Jiga-Boys of Malin

The new market house-Shetland fiddler’s-Michael Ferry- Itchy fingers-Sound of Sleat

Duncan Johnstone-Andrew Wallace-Broderick’s Bodhran-Wee Eddie

Gravel walk-Jenny’s chickens

The glass of beer-The humours of Tulla

Captain Campbell-Miss Stewart of Gantully-Pitnacree ferryman-F

Session at Naroba

Welcome beginners and Irish music players. Fifty per cent on beer price.

Naroba, Santander

M.S.A. Por favor, env


Al llegar a Santander dese Bilbao hay que entrar hacia Cuatro Caminos. En esta rotonda hay que seguir por una cuesta (la tercera a la derecha) llamada Camilo Alonso Vega. Hay que tomar la tercera calle a la derecha que baja hasta justo detr

Cantabrian sessions

We are looking for a new place for sessions.

Re: Naroba

Nuevo horario: empezamos a las 20 horas!!

Re: Naroba

El último jueves de cada mes!!

Re: Naroba

Todos los jueves a partir de las 20 horas!!

Re: Naroba

On a visit from the UK had an enjoyable session with welcoming musicians and some great tunes. Cheers.


Traditional irish session in Santander.

20:00 h - 23:00 h

Check if the session is working the day you want!

Re: Naroba

No more sessions here because troubles with neighbours and local regulations.

For a session, please write me and I could arrange a session.