The Reel Inn

Donegal Town, Donegal, Ireland

  • Schedule: Friday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

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Ok, so its not the biggest session you’ll ever see but there’s always people there. Everyday it starts at 9, except on Fridays when it starts at 10.


It is amplified…


Is a little too touristy for us, they arrive by the bus load, but folks seem to enjoy themselves and the publicans, husband and wife, are sweet and welcoming folk. Also, the amplification, needed when it’s a full house and folks are sharing sweat, is also a serious turn off for us… In other words, it’s not for everyone, but some will likely find it ‘entertaining’ or ‘interesting’, at least for a first visit, though, confessing that while heading elsewhere and stopping into Donegal Town we have made short visits more than once, out of curiosity and disbelief…

Re: The Reel Inn

Had a brilliant evening in Donegal town while cycling through. The reel inn was the place on a Sunday night, very welcoming by the owner who plays the accordion and very keen to play your tunes. The town was hoatchin but the reel Inn was a nice audience. Went into McClaverty’s suppose to have a session , benedorm.

Re: The Reel Inn

Music Nightly
Sun-Thurs 8:30pm-11:30
Fri & Sat 9:30pm-closing
Friendly, welcoming session. They have mics, but anyone can join in the circle, at least on the two nights I went. Just check in with the person hosting the session. One night they had an unused mic, and I was welcomed to use it. They do a fair number of songs, generally alternating with tunes. As mentioned, the owner, Tom, jumps in with his accordion, and is very welcoming.