M.J. Hoban’s

The Octagon, Westport, Mayo, Ireland

Three comments

Hoban’s - A warm greeting

One friday night I was determined to find a session but all near me were cancelled were cancelled for some reason.
So I drove some 50 miles to Westport, met by accident with 2 Californian fiddle players, and the three of us arrived (very late) at Hoban’s.
There was a warm welcome from all. A friendly place and well worth the journey. I shall go there again.

Saturday night also

There’s a session each Saturday night in Hobans all year round. Great lively music and singing and sometimes even a set dance. Feels like a house party. Always good fun with Tommy, Liam, Frank, Rita and friends

Session dead on Fridays?

The last time I went to Hobans on a Friday everything was quiet - about 2 customers in the bar, so best to phone first I’d say.