The Loggerheads

1 Church Street, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England

  • Schedule: Sunday.

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It’s in Church Street, which is opposite St Mary’s Church off Dogpole

A small intimate session, in a small side room, with ye old medeaval seating. We play a mixture of English, Irish, Bits of Scottish, Welsh etc. and even Dutch. Hope to see you more often in future Cait, should we send out a searh party for you. Yes and we do play Church Street and St Mary’s Polkas

Shrewsbury session

At what time does this session occurr? I assume its evening I’ve always fancied a Sunday afternoon session to get out of household chores.

Sunday Folk Session
Loggerheads, Shrewsbury
Every other Sunday 9pm (we tend to start a bit earlier if anything)
2010 Dates
Jan 3,17,31 Feb 14,28
Mar 14,28 April 11,25
May 9,23 June 6,20
July 4,18 Aug 1,15,29
Sept 12,26 Oct 10,24
Nov 7,21 Dec 5,19
for latest Contact Nick, email
Phone 01743 242556

2011 Dates

Loggerheads, Shrewsbury
Every Other Sunday 9pm
2011 Dates
Jan 2, 16, 30 Feb 13, 27 Mar 13, 27
April 10, 24 May 8, 22 June 5, 19
July 3, 17, 31 Aug 14, 28 Sept 11, 25
Oct 9, 23 Nov 6, 20 Dec 4,18
Informal mix of Songs and Tunes, all welcome to join in or just listen.
Nick email
phone 01743 242556

2013 Dates

Every Other Sunday 8:30pm

Jan 13,27 Feb 10,24 Mar 10,24
April 7,21 May 6,19 June 2,16,30
July 14,28 Aug 11,25 Sept 8,22
Oct 6,20 Nov 3,17 Dec 1,15,29

Nick phone 01743 242556

Future Dates 2014 on

1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month

Nick phone 01743 242556

2015 dates

Feb 1st, 15th
Mar 1st, 15th, 29th
Apr 12th, 26th
May 10th, 24th
Jun 7th, 21st
Jul 5th, 19th
Aug 2nd, 16th, 30th
Sept 13th, 27th
Oct 11th, 25th
Nov 8th, 22nd
Dec 6th, 20th

Jan 3rd, 17th, 31st
Feb 14th, 28th

All the best Nick

The Loggerheads Sunday every 2 weeks Dates 2016 -2017

Mar 13th, 27th
Apr 10th, 24th
May 8th, 22nd
Jun 5th, 19th
Jul 3th, 17th, 31st
Aug 14th, 28th
Sept 11th, 25th
Oct 09th, 23rd
Nov 6th, 20th
Dec 4th, 18th
Jan 1st, 15th, 29th
Feb 12th, 26th
Mar 12th, 26th
Apr 9th, 23rd

Loggerheads dates Sundays at 8:30pm 2017 - 2018

Mar 12th, 26th
Apr 9th, 23th
May 7th, 21nd
Jun 4th, 18th
Jul 2th, 16th, 30st
Aug 13th
Sept 10th, 24th
Oct 08th, 22rd
Nov 5th, 19th
Dec 3th, 17th
Jan 14th, 28th
Feb 11th, 25th
Mar 11th, 25th
Apr 8th, 22rd

Loggerheads dates Sundays at 8:30pm 2018 - 2019

May 6th, 20th June 3rd, 17th July 1st, 15th, 29th
Aug 12th Sept 9th, 23rd Oct 7th, 21st
Nov 4th, 18th Dec 2nd, 16th, 30th
Jan 13th, 27th Feb 10th, 24th Mar 10th, 24th
Apr 7th, 21st May 5th, 19th June 2nd, 16th