Browne’s Irish Marketplace

3300 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

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Browne’s Session

The session is only on the 3rd Thursday each month from 6ish until 9. This is the oldest continually run Irish business in the USA - owned and run by the same family for 122 years.

Dinner is available, and so is beer…

Often a smaller session with 4-6 people, but it can get larger.

Browne’s Session hiatus

The Browne’s Session has been on hiatus for a while now. It is, at this point (Nov. 2014), basically a sporadic closed session. The reconfigured space can no longer handle more than three players on Thursday evening, and there will only be about five or six sessions a year. So, at this point and for the foreseeable future it’s no longer a regular open session.

Re: Browne’s Irish Marketplace

Every second Friday according to the website.

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