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Session Details

This is a weekly session which is run by the University of Bristol folk club. Non-students are more than welcome.

Official times are 9pm-11pm every Monday. However things dont normally get going until 9:30pm, and the session usually carries on until people are chucked out about 11:30pm.

It is primarily English, however tunes and songs from all over the place crop up. It is a very relaxed and friendly session, and beginners are more than welcome. There is a tune book containing the written music for a lot of the tunes which are played, to assist those who do not know them well.

Each week there is a theme, the idea being that it encourages a varied set of tunes to be played from week to week. Of course this is mainly for inspiration rather than a set rule, and any tunes/songs go down well.

The session normally runs almost every week of the year, however sometimes it doesnt run outside of term time, due to the disappearence of many of the student members and the various commitments of the non-students.

The best idea is to email to check whether it is on. There is also a mailing list, and normally an email is sent out every week detailing the weeks theme.

Session at the Ship

My favourite local pub when I was at Bristol Uni many years ago. Glad to see there’s a session running there now and I will try to pop along next time I’m in Bristol

Euclid - “University of Bristol”, eh?

I think your “weeks theme” should be “week’s theme” (note the apostrophe).

Hopefully, your geometry is of a higher standard than your English …. 🙂

Quod erat demonstrandum?

Euclid Loughran - ah, but unlike missing apostrophes, typos are always forgivable …

… Perhaps I might I draw your attention to the content of the following website?

… Well, the Ship is not one of my haunts, but you never know, I might well check it out one day …

… But if I do, I will need to be able to identify you, in order to buy you that pint.

So how will I be able to do this? Do you always carry a geometry book under your arm, perhaps? 🙂

Session no more

Dropped in last night but no one around. The new owners said the session moved about a year ago, not sure where it moved to though

Session has moved to The Colston arms

lildogturpy, sorry you turned up and no one was around. We moved to The Colston Arms a couple of months ago as The Ship Inn was closed for a while due to change of management. We got comfortable and so didn’t go back to the ship once it had re-opened. It is only round the corner from The Ship Inn and still Monday evenings from 9pm so please do come along!

Up to date information about the session is kept on the website:

The sessions are listed in the events calendar:

We’re back in the Ship Inn

After a brief holiday at the Colston arms we’re now back at the Ship Inn. Same arrangements as before!