Tigh Choili

Mainguard Street, Galway, Galway, Ireland

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7 nights a week

This place is fast becoming the "in" pub for trad sessions in Galway town.

There are sessions seven days a week, usually two a day (one at around 6pm and another at 9pm or so).

It’s quite likely that you’ll find yourself playing alongside some fantastic musicians such as Liz Keane (fiddle) or Brian McGrath (banjo).

The pub is at the corner of Mainguard Street and Shop Street, right next to Blacoe jewellers.

Wed nights are fantastic - very, very high standard tho - well worth just going in for a listen, you’ll be hearing people like mirella murray, mary shannon and padraig Rynne.

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I played here several times while on vacation in Ireland, and every time was great. The last night, I played with Mary Shannon. She’s a very nice person and an exception banjo player. .This place is a must if you’re passing through Galway city.

7 nights a week

I just came back from vacation in Ireland. I called into the Wednesday session, it was so great to hear Mary Shannon.She’s so exceptional. I was disapointed not to hear Mirella Murray. Somebody said she was away. I think she’s playing with Cherish the Ladies now. Maybe she has moved to the States?I think Galway is one of the best towns for sessions!

Fancy meeting up?

I’m going to be in Galway this Thursday, April 22nd. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to end up in Tigh Choili’s. It would be great to meet up with any fellow Sessionites.

I don’t know if I’ll have an instrument with me so you might find me propping up the bar, soaking up the tunes.

Tigh Choili

Had a look in last Sunday at about 10pm, and played a few tunes for an hour or so with Martin Quinn (button accordion) and a bodhrain player - nice music, but the background noice was very loud from deeper back in the pub - but the crowd nearer the music was fairly enthusiastic - think there are usually few more musicians but I enjoyed it anyway

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I was just here maybe on a Tuesday night after New Years…I think… It was fun.

Sessions Still Going Strong

Every night, great players, my favorite pub.

Level and tuning

the standard of musicianship tends to be quite high there. They’re welcoming people, but you might want to have a listen to things before jumping in. Also on Mondays they often tune the instruments a semitone up to help cut through the noise- not such an issue for fiddlers etc… but if you’re a box player or something it might make things complicated. Don’t know if they do it on other nights.

Tigh Cholis

Sessions from 6 pm to 8.30 pm every evening and night time sessions at 9.30 pm every night, musicians welcome.

Re: Tigh Choili

From what ive seen there is 3 sessions on Sundays. 2, 6 and 10!!

Re: Tigh Choili

Apologies 2 sessions on a sunday

Re: Tigh Choili

It’s more like a gig tather than a session. Crane bar is better