The Crane Bar

2 Sea Road, Galway, Galway, Ireland

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An institution

The Crane Bar is a famous place for Irish music in Galway. You’ll find it on Sea Road which you can get to by turning off Dominic Street.

There’s music seven nights a week, mostly upstairs but sometimes there’s music upstairs and downstairs simultaneously.

The standard varies depending on the night of the week. Some of the sessions are aimed specifically at beginners.

At one time, The Crane was *the* session pub in Galway. That title seems to have been passed on, but it’s still a great place to hear and play tunes seven nights a week, all year ‘round.

There is a nice quite session with johnny halloran (who runs the pub with Mick Crehan) Lizzy Hanrahan on fridays from 6:30, they are very friendly and open people. John Halloran and Mick Crehan also do a session on Thursday nights and Verena Commins does one on Sat night - every night is pretty good for tunes - as jeremey says some are more ‘beginerish’ and some are higher standard - good craic tho on any night.

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Singing and dancing as well

I spent four months in Galway in the fall of 2001 and found good dancing and singing at the Crane as well. They were having singing sessions once a month, and traditional ceili dancing for beginners/ immediates once or twice a week in the early evening. This may have changed by now, but if nothing else, ask around at the Crane if you want to find other types of traditional Irish entertainment.

Learners Session

If you’re a learner (not a beginner) there’s a good session for you downstairs from 6 till 10 on Saturday nights where you’ll be welcome though you might have to give up space for regulars if busy (been going 2 years as at Jan 04)

Crane Bar

Played the last hour or so last Runday, and found it welcoming and appreciative (both musicians and audience alike)
This is a great place to play, where crowd not too noisy, and are all there for the music - thanks to all who were there

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Crane Bar

Great place for a good session with a wide range of musicians… Very popular spot for trad players from abroad. The university trad players always meet here on Tuesday night

Yep, great session tues 22-11-11 upstairs (tradsoc) and another, just as good, but much smaller downstairs at the same time!

Re: The Crane Bar

This is just an update to confirm that the Saturday night session is still going strong. I was there last night, and there was a singing session that went until 10. The Traditional session started about 10:30 with a total of 17 musicians. A grand sound! America, Canada, France, and of course Ireland, were all very well represented. Note: there ware many people in the upstairs room, and it was hot, close and clammy. Wear a t-shirt or something like that, so you can take of your warm shirt (or sweater).

Re: The Crane Bar

Still going strong!

Session time Galway

What time does the session at The Crane start on Tuesday nights?

Re: Session time Galway

Last few times I was there, the upstairs session started at about 9:30-9:45. But there are often downstairs sessions earlier, sometimes even in the afternoons.

Re: Session time Galway

Following this logic, a session in the cellar could start even earlier.
Maybe in the morning!