The Roaring Donkey

Orilia Terrace, Cobh, Cork, Ireland

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Friendly and fun

This is a very welcoming, friendly session in my hometown of Cobh.

To get to it, just ask the way to "top of the hill". From the town centre, you’ll be pointed up a steep incline that needs to be attacked in order to reach the pub.

Once you’ve recovered from the climb, you’ll find a curmudgeony barman, a cosy back room with a fireplace and a bunch of musicians, about half of whom may be playing guitars.

There’s generally a lot of singing at the sessions (about 50%) which I’m not normally all that in to, but it’s a lot of fun at The Roaring Donkey when the whole crowd joins in with the ballads and the come-all-ye’s.

The tunes are generally of the more well-known variety and, because you’re in Cork, be sure to brush up on your polkas and slides 🙂

Wrong night !!

Recently over for work near Macroom on the 19th March, so I trekked over to Cobh prior to flight on the Thursday from Cork.
Arrived at pub at about 9.00pm to find about four locals and the barmaid - turned out that the musicians had had a fierce weekend and after St Patrick’s on the Monday, had also all been out playing on the Tuesday and agreed between themselves not to come out on the Wednesday that week - the Landlord said it was the first time the session hadn’t happened on a Wednesday in about seven years. Nevertheless, it certainly is a friendly pub and shortly after that the entire crew of one of the tall ships arrived so I had a fine night anyway - I will certainly try it again when I get the chance - you’re right about the climb though

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Bad luck

Aw, that’s such a shame!

I’ll try and track down the telephone number of the pub so that freak occurances like that don’t happen again.

Ah, well. At least you had a good time anyway.

A comment for visitors to Cork

We were in Cork for one evening only (as tourists) in May. I’ll pass this along for other visitors, even though it’s second-hand info.

At the session at An Slainte, we were told that, these days, the Wed. evening music at The Roaring Donkey is people singing ballads etc. to guitar accompaniment. It might be fine if you’re into singing some songs. If you want instrumental music, go to An Slainte.

Things might be different at the Donkey during peak tourist season. I’m only passing along what we heard in the off-season.

hiya…..anyone know if they’re doing this one on new years eve-this coming wednesday?

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