9 Ferry Street, Portaferry, Down, Northern Ireland

  • Schedule: Tuesday.

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One of the few pubs which hasn’t had the atmosphere renovated out of it.
Sessions here on 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesdays in the month. Visiting musicians welcome.

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Bar size

That’s the public bar which was originally the front room of a house. There’s a larger but much chillier room on the other side of a hallway which is used for sessions. There’s also a spacious (!) TV lounge, an open air beer garden/smoking area and a roofless gents.

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Another pub closure

Sadly Dumigans is being forced to close at the end of 2013 🙁 We held our last session in it last night when we were told the bad news.

Usual story: fewer customers; cheap drink in supermarkets; smoking ban; drink and driving legislation.

Dumigans has the added disadvantage that Portaferry is quite remote from large centres of population.

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Dumigans reopened

Pleased to say that this wee bar has opened under new management and with a new bright paint job.
Sessions have been re-instated on first and third Tuesdays.

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Oh and the gents is no longer roofless …..at least until the next big wind.

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Session still going

Just confirming that this session is still going but it is now on alternate Tuesdays. Next one is on 30 September 2014.

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Re: Dumigan’s

As of January 2019 the session has moved to alternate Fridays. On the Fridays it isn’t here it is happening in the Coach Inn (known locally as “Sands”).
If you are visiting the area make sure you obtain accommodation on the Ards Peninsula side of Strangford Lough. Otherwise you will have to leave the tunes at about 22.30 to catch the last ferry. That’s just about the time things are warming up musically.

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