Tom Steele’s

Lifford, Ennis, Clare, Ireland

  • Schedule: Sunday.

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Sessions at Tom Steele’s

This is one of the best secrets in Ennis. They start about 8:30 and it’s definitely advanced. Great for listening. They’re welcoming if you don’t mind mostly listening or playing quietly unless you know the tunes really well. (Basic session etiquette anyway).

Tom Steele´s, Ennis

Where in Ennis ?

Little White Bull?

Does Tommy himself ever get up and do "Caveman Rock" or "Little White Bull", "Crash Bang Wallop What A Picture" or any other of his old hits?

Lifford. From the Queen’s Hotel and the Friary ruins, cross over the bridge and turn right at the light. It’s two short blocks up on the left.

Tom Steele´s, Ennis

Thank you, Gary.

You’re welcome. I think O’Keefe’s is on the same block.

Ah, as well as Kiran’s on the same block.