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O’Reilly’s session

This is a welcoming session, good for many levels. It’s quite eclectic, tunes from a variety of traditions as well as songs. It goes from about 9 - midnight.


what day of the week does this happen on?

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Not sure I would call this one "good for many levels". In fact if the two core fiddlers are there, you’re in for a hold-on-to-your-hats-this-isn’t-grandpa’s-trad session! Those guys like to play with their food and if you aren’t up for the game, you might as well just watch cause they’re amazing…’s totally a fun time if musicianship is key for you. If you’re into playing things straightlaced, you might want to head over to the Plough instead.

The sessions at the Plough are all different because they have a rotating pool of hosts… more traditional I suppose, but not "grandpa’s trad session." hahaha The session at O’Reilly’s is more eclectic probably since it’s hosted by people playing other genres along with trad… and the publican likes what he calls, "staccato" music, whatever that is… but the level of musicianship is the same as you would find at the Plough.

Eclectic Session

Irish-based, this Monday night event bring in an eclectic mix including Scottish, Cape Breton, Old Time, and Bluegrass. Brian on fiddle and Burke on guitar/harmonica are gifted, talented, and open to newcomers. Paul at the bar plays a wicked mando. Both tunes and songs are welcome.


O’Reilly’s is closed