Jerry’s Inn

18 West Main Street, Bainbridge, New York, USA

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Susquehanna Cafe & Antiques

This Traditional Irish session is held every Monday from 5:30PM to 8:30PM This session is for people who are comfortable playing Irish Tunes. All are welcome but please observed the guidelines and etiquette of a Traditional Irish Session. Thank You.

Hours for Traditional Irish Session

5:30PM to 8:30PM

Susquehanna Cafe & Antiques (Closed) Session Moved

This lively session has moved from the former Susquehanna Cafe & Antiques to the Olive Garden at the Olde Jericho Tavern in the heart of Bainbridge and now is every Wednesday. The hours are 5:00PM to 8:00PM

Closed venue as of June 30th, 2011, seeking new one asap.

The Olive Branch Restaurant was closed June 30th, 2011
The Irish Session has been put on hold until a new venue can be found. This session has many regulars every week when it is in session. Check back for updates.

Jerry’s Inn

Closed session from 5PM to 8PM by invitation only. Please observe guidelines for Traditional Irish Session. Thank You.

How can you ‘observe guidelines for Traditional Irish Session’ if you only want your mates there?!
Whatabout all the random fab players and unexpected tunes that traditionally walk into an open session?
If you want to have an exclusive rehearsal/ jam for your in-crowd clique, why post it here at all?!

Jerry’s Inn Wednesday Evening Irish Session 5PM-8PM

Dave and Lauri Parsons have opened the door to our ragtag bunch, and have given us sanctuary at Jerry’s Inn, located at 18 West Main Street (still in Bainbridge)
Musicians usually begin wandering in and tuning up at about 5:00 on Wednesday nights, and officially play until 8:00 but if the listening crowd is good and the spirit moves us we have been known to stay later.
All are welcome. Jerry’s has a full bar and menu, and the atmosphere is friendly.

A special note to musicians, Jerry’s is a lot smaller than the last two venues we have played at. They are providing us with one big round table that we play at, that can seat up to 6 comfortabley, and once there is an overflow there will be another table (for 4) reserved, but Jerry’s and I are requesting that additional musicians please stay at that table so the overflow does not impede foot traffic and the waitress.
Banjo, Guiter, and hammer dulcimer players (that means you Curt) BEWARE it will be tighter than the usual country/upstate sort of places,but still not as tight as many big city sessions. Did I ever tell about the time (at a big session) the flute player next to me kept dribbling in my bodhran? Not a pretty sight, but a cold draft and good spirits can take the edge off that sort of thing.

Jerry’s Inn Irish Session

Please contact or call 607-967-5008 for the latest update. Thank You.

Jerry’s Inn Irish Session

Temporarily inactive. Please call (607) 967-5008 or eMail for further information. (November 15th, 2012)