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Hudi Beags

The famous pub in Bunbeg now has sessions on Mondays and Fridays, and also, An Cabaret Craiceailte on the last Saturday of each Month - It is very friendly, and relaxed. Starts about 10pm - ends later

Ends a lot later in my experiance 😉

Well, if this listing is going to be allowed to stand, I think it’s well worth pointing out that the landlord (Hiudái Beag - Hugh Gallagher) is a stickler for adherence to the licensing laws, so the pub’s sessions have not ended ‘a lot later’ for many years.

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Re: Hiudái Beag

My wife and I visited last night and can confirm this is still happening and it’s a lovely and supportive session. The majority of players were in their teens and twenties, out of a local Irish music school, but there was a wide variety of ages and instruments - up to 30 people at its height. Sets didn’t move logically around the circle, but we called a couple when asked and it was a great time.

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