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Where and what is it?

Seabrook is a small city abutting the Clear Lake section of Houston. Coffee Oasis is just around the bend on NASA Road 1 from the NASA complex. Session starts 8-8:30 PM and runs until 10:30 winters and 11:00 PM summer, spring, fall. No beer served, but someone usually brings a bottle or 2 of wine. The wait staff are all very helpful and encouraging. Pretty much an Irish Trad session. Every coupla months we may get inspired to play later and move down the road 1/2 mile to the Chelsea Wine Bar and continue the session until 1AM. Some of us carpool from the Medical Center area of Houston, so if you’re coming to town drop me a note.

Where is it?

Funny, the Google map shows it in the middle of a bridge. Promise its not on the water. Its actually just a bit further east at the intersection of Kirby and NASA Rd 1.


They’re now serving beer and wine at the Coffee Oasis. The Chelsea Wine bar is pretty much set for the first Thursdays of the month, at this point.

Coffee Oasis is shuttered mid October 2012

Unclear if it will reopen. Meanwhile Session moved 0.4 miles further down NASA Road 1 to the Chelsea Wine Bar. Thursdays 8 PM ish.

Coffee oasis has reopened.

As of November 2 the session on Thursday night at Coffee Oasis has resumed. 8 PM-ish.

Change of name - same address

As of 2014, the Coffee Oasis has become a Cafe and Wine Bar, The Soho. The session on Thursday night is still welcome, as the co-owner is Irish and loves the music. Still 8pm-ish

This Thursday evening session has moved as of 02/13/2014.

The Cafe Soho session has moved to a new location.
The new location is Dunn’s Coffee shop in Friendswood.

Search for this session in the list of Houston sessions.

Thursday night session has moved.

The Thursday night "Clear Lake" area session has moved as of early Feb 2014 to Dunn Brothers Coffee in Friendswood.