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Ballydehob, Cork, Ireland

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The session moves week-by week round O’Sullivans, the Sandboat, the Mines, Vincent Coughlan’s and O’Briens. They are all within 100 yards of each other, all on the main street, so it’s easy to find out which is the place when you come for the first time.

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The place is small enough you can walk down the street to find which pub it is. Or just ask anyone.

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The Mines has closed

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I can’t vouch for it

… as I have moved to the other side of the world, so it’s up to someone else to provide any changed information.

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History of the Ballydehob Session

The History of the Ballydehob Session

I moved to Ballydehob in November 1986 and at that time there was no regular session in the area. I started playing in Gabes bar, with my husband at that time Dan Boyle. This didn’t last long as the pub closed temporarily shortly after, so in about February 1987 I started a session in Rose O’Sullivan’s bar, (Rosie’s), which remained the Ballydehob session’s permanent home for over ten years, until Rose’s death on Oct. Ist 1997.
After Rose’s death I gave the session a break myself for a while, for various reasons. Other people kept it going but decided to rotate it round different pubs in Ballydehob, which it still does to this day, and I am back to being a regular these days.

The session currently moves round Rosie’s, The Sandboat, Vincent Coughlan’s, and O’ Briens, in that order.

The session now also includes Levis’s bar, order is now normally Rosie’s, Levis’s, The Sandboat, Vincent Coughlan’s, and O’ Brien’s. So that’s 5 out of the 7 remaining pubs in Ballydehob included, (there were 10 pubs when I moved here) .