Main Street Artisan’s

927 Main St, Evanston, Wyoming, USA

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We’ve just moved here, since this has become a learning session. We start at around 7 and are holding this one the 3rd saturday of every month. We do have our "up to speed" session at Suds Brother’s Brewery when the need arises. Please come by if you’re in the area.

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By the way, the venue is a great little coffee shop, that also serves great food, and selves art work from nearby artists. It’s really a unique shop!

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Wyoming session

Great to hear of another session in Wyoming. Ours is also in a coffee shop on alternate Wednesdays. Please stop by if you’re in the area and we’ll do the same. Good luck with the session.

We’re still doing a monthly session but it’s moved again, this time to a private residence. We do still have a regular session from time to time at the local brewery but for the most part, our monthly session is a learning session. Please send me an email if you’re in the areea and would like to come. We do have a few accomplished players and do play some tunes towrds the end of the night.

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