The George

The Street Molash, Molash, Kent, England

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Current venue for the East Kent Wednesday night session

a beginner/intermediate level session …

a friendly, old-fashioned country pub - easily found on the A252 that runs from the Charing Hill roundabout on the A20 to join the Canterbury-bound A28 at Chilham. for once, simple access and good parking !

starts at 8pm every Wednesday with an hour or so of “slow sets” for beginners and then a normal intermediate session from around 9pm

as there are no practical public transport facilties, you’ll need either a car or a lift to get there - please e-mail for details if you need help with this

Also easily accessible from M2 & M20

in response to a question, you can reach Molash easily from both the M2 & M20.

from the M2, leave at Junction 6 (signposted Faversham/Ashford), turn right onto the A251 heading for Ashford.
after 6 miles or so you come to the roundabout at the “Halfway” pub at Challock
turn left at the roundabout and the “George” is about 2 miles along on the right-hand side

from the M20, leave at Junction 9, turn left and follow the signs to the A251, signposted “Faversham”. at the T-junction with the A251 (traffic lights) turn left onto the A251 heading for Faversham
after 4 miles or so you come to the roundabout at the “Halfway” pub at Challock
turn right at the roundabout and the “George” is about 2 miles along on the right-hand side

hope this helps to make some sense of the maps ….

This session has now come to an end

the last session was on 17th march 2010

This session has now re-started ….

The alternate venue having proved to be unsatisfactory, this session has (sort-of) re-convened at the George on Wednesday evenings at 8pm. I have been asked to re-instate the listing by a player who was deterred from going by the apparent lack of a listing. As ever, always a good idea to check before travelling a distance …..

Seession information

As I can no longer get to this session, I’m not in a position to advise whether it’s on or off in any given week.
There is a Facebook group “Friends of the George Session” which may be helpful - or you can e-mail me and I’ll forward the request to those who able to assist. This make take a few days so it’s not workable if you are thinking about going tomorrow!

Session still functioning …………..

Just a note to say that, contrary to popular rumour, this session is still active although now quite small (6 to 8 people). I’m not sure if the “Friends of the George Session” Facebook group is still kept up but you can still e-mail me for information.

The rather younger session on Thursdays at the Canterbury Tales pub in Canterbury is quite popular with those who like a noisier, buzzier pub in which to play. The George is a somewhat staid venue but friendly & welcoming - there are a very few brave souls who go to both some weeks!

Session still running

Still going every Wednesday around 8pm - 11pm
Getting there from the A2/M2 will be tricky for 2 weeks from Easter owing to the closure of the A251 between Challock & Faversham for water main renewal works.
If you’re thinking of going on 3rd or 10th of April, please e-mail for directions

session still going …………….

just the annual update to let any potential visitors know that this session is still going
still much the same people, too …………

still active?


i´ll be visiting kent in the first two weeks of september this year and i am currently looking for sessions to attend during my stay. so my question is, will there be sessions on september 2nd and 9th?


session at the George, Molash

this is a regular session every wednesday with a good core of players so there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be happening on 2nd and 9th September

so hopefully i´ll see you tomorrow. thanks a lot.

Hmmm…didn’t realise this one was still on, regularly. Must get round to making an appearance sometime soon…

Re: The George

The spiritual successor of the Wednesday session at the George on Stone Street. Aptly and oddly back at a different George in Molash via many local pubs over the years.

Struggles to keep going sometimes, like many sessions (including the Thursday night Tales session in Canterbury) but a faithful few keep it going and visiting musicians are more than welcome to swell the ranks.

Re: The George

just the annual update to let you know that this session still happens every Wednesday around 8pm - rarely goes on later than 10.30pm these days

Re: The George - annual update

2017; yes, this session is still functioning - every wednesday 8pm - 10pm (approx)
having said that, it’s broadstairs folk week next week (11th - 18th august) and it doesn’t always take place during folk week if there’s something exciting offering at the seaside …….. 🙂

Re: The George

Hello, is the session on this Wednesday? In the area and would like to attend. Ta

Re: The George - still going

just the annual update to say that this session is still going on wednesday evenings from 8 - 10 pm approx

Re: The George - still going

Just the annual update to confirm that this session is still going. We’ve had a few visitors this year who’ve found us on this website so it suggests that posting these updates does do some good! This is a weekly session which happens unless there is some unforeseen disaster (like the closure of both M2 & M20 motorways coinciding with serious roadworks on the A20, A2 and A251 - this has happened). If there should turn out to be severe disruption after Oct 31st, there are ways to avoid the motorways - as long as the old A roads are functioning normally.

Re: The George Christmas/New year arrangements

The George will be closed on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day so there will be no sessions on either of those Wednesdays. Last session for 2019 is Wednesday 18th December; first session of 2020 will be Wednesday 8th January. If you’re starved of tunes, there will be the usual Boxing Day session at the Canterbury Tales pub in Canterbury and probably a session there on Thursday 2nd January as well. Also worth mentioning the fine session at The Royal Oak in Whatlington (East Sussex) on Friday 27th December.

Re: The George

Just heard that the session at the Royal Oak for 27th Dec is cancelled as the pub is otherwise engaged. Business as usual from the last Friday in January, I understand

Re: The George

No session next week, Wednesday 19th March. Not sure if this is a one-week suspension or something longer - we’ll review when we see what the govt. advice re coronavirus is by then.

Re: The George - suspended until further notice

In view of the present circumstances, this session is suspended until further notice
We understand that the pub is, for all practical purposes, closed although the kitchen will be offering a home delivery service for meals within the locality
We’ll post again as and when the situation changes

Re: The George

Hello - wondering if this session has started up again? Thanks

Re: The George

I’m sad to say that it looks increasingly unlikely that this session will ever re-start. The pub has been extensively re-arranged so as to cater for diners in a “Covid-secure” fashion - there isn’t anywhere for the musicians to sit in this new scenario. Can’t fault the publicans - they’ve a living to make. I’ve left the session as “suspended” for now just in case the pub ever returns to the way it used to be - but I’m not holding my breath.

All is not lost - there are other possibilities. Message me if you’re interested in finding a session in East Kent.

Re: The George

Sorry, this session will not be restarting. Most of the people can be found at The George on Stone Street on the first and third Sunday of the month - 8pm - 10pm.