29-31 Queen’s Square, Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland

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McHugh’s ealry Sunday session

This has started as a result of some Belfast traddies from who aren’t pros yet wanting a session they can swap tunes and play together in. It started on November 29th 2009. The next session is on Sunday 13th December from around 2 and should be fortnightly Sundays at 2 in the same place after that that.

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The poster has omitted the pub’s address.

It’s 29-31 Queen’s Square, Belfast.

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When is the next session?

How are the sessions going and when i nthe NY will the next be?

Will come and check it out!

What happened?

No session on Sundays?

Still going. It’s basically a slow session for folks looking to improve playing in session environment and pick up tunes. Very relaxed and welcoming. There is talk it will soon be weekly, one week for very beginners, one week for more intermediate players. Not sure what week is what yet.

Apologies for not posting the address. I put it on the map thing but it probably wasn’t clear enough for folks, so sorry. Thanks Floss the Tethers for posting it.

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It’s still active? what’s the schedule? Thnx

Toni Galvin

Re: McHugh’s

Still going strong .
2-4 each Sunday.
Could do with more new players to freshen it up.

Re: McHugh’s

Is the session still on? I’ll be visiting from Glasgow in a couple of weeks and I’d love to go.
Also, do you have a wee list of the tunes that you play?


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Re: McHugh’s

Is this still going?


Weekly Saturday Session 3pm-6pm

With Steve Porter (pipes), Kevin McCullagh (fiddle) and Fiona Ni Mhearain (flute)

Come along if you are in need of culture and/or alcohol!

Re: McHugh’s

There’s another session on Saturdays from 3-5pm.

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Re: McHugh’s

Is there a Facebook group for this session, or someone I can get in touch with to ask about it? I’ll be over in Belfast over Christmas and missing my usual session, wanted to find out if the Sunday one will be on on the 22nd or 29th Dec. Thanks

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McHugh’s Sunday Sessions

There is a moderate speed session that runs from 1:30 every Sunday. Jigs, reels etc and aul songs. Visitors very welcome. This stops at 4:30, after which the professional players take over and continue to at least 6:30