Murray’s Bar

The Square, Charlestown, Mayo, Ireland

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Murrays session

Fantastic session on a friday night starts at 10pm with
Peter Horan,Therese Cully and Joe Grady and other local musicians great tunes and good craic!
Sunday seeion is an evening session starting at 7pm and the main musicians are Therese Cully, Katie murray and joe grady brilliant vibrant tunes great songs and the odd leap of a dance or two! Can’t wait for your visit all musicians,singers and dancers welcome!

This pub is actually called Murray’s and is on The Square in Charlestown.

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I was unimpressed when I arrived recently on a friday. No Peter Horan, no mention of music no one in fact except me and one of the worst bars I’ve ever been in. I wont bother again.

Seems I chose a bad night…

Cancel my previous comment - no-one around that night for some reason. Great session.