Spinnakers Brewpub And Guesthouses

308 Catherine Street, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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‘Pure Drop’ Irish session at Spinny’s

This is a Monday evening Irish music only session not intended for beginners. Occasional weekend tune-learning practices will be organized for those who wish to participate. Feel free to listen in and contact the members directly if you’d like to contribute.

If you would like more information, please contact the hostesses:

Tasia tasiamana@gmail.com
Nancy ngrossert@hotmail.com

Great session

Pure Irish trad with superb, pro-level musicians. No, they don’t play Pogues tunes, or Cape Breton music. Great pub, killer beer and rock-solid rhythms. If you’re a beginner, they *may* let you sit in on a set, but you’ll learn a ton more by listening. Best session I’ve been to west of Alberta.

Re: Spinnaker’s Gastro Brewpub And Guesthouses

Does someone know if those sessions are still taking place?

Re: Spinnaker’s Gastro Brewpub And Guesthouses

Well, I texted them just now and it’s described as a “Celtic jam session” so maybe … 🙂

Re: Spinnakers Brewpub And Guesthouses

Management confirmed that there is currently no session (10th June, ’23).

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Spinnakers Brewpub

Spinnakers 2.0 has started! The long-running Monday night Spinnakers session (from 2009 - 2020) has resumed, with a few changes, as of September 2023.

Session is:
- Monday nights 7 -10pm (may be cancelled on some holidays)
- Irish trad, advanced level, follows typical session etiquette

Please contact Nancy if you would like more information or hope to join in!