Couth Buzzard Books/Espresso Buono

8310 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle, Washington, USA

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1st and 3rd Saturdays, 11 am to 1 pm-ish

This is a new session, it’s first meeting coinciding with this used bookstore/cafe’s Grand Opening weekend on Jan. 16, 2010. I will strive to keep this a friendly and opening session. Based on the turnout so far I would have to consider it a solidly intermediate level session, whatever the heck that means. Send me an e-mail if you want to be sent reminders of upcoming sessions.

E-mail to <> to get on the mailing list…

Umm, that was supposed to read “open session”!

New contact e-mail

Please use I’m fed up with Bombast.

Still ticking!

This Saturday (1/15/11) marks our session’s one year anniversary! Though the early start time is a bit put-offish for some, the regulars have found the bookstore/cafe to be a most genial setting for our music. No competition from noisy punters or football fans. The food and coffee is good, so you can enjoy brunch between tunes, or go browse the bookshelves. They even serve beer and wine now, if that ‘s what it takes to get you going in the morning.

Apostrophe apologies!

Gaak! I realized just now that I used an inappropriate apostrophe in the very first line of my first post on this thread. I hate it when people do that. Mea culpa, mea culpa! Oh, the session is still going strong…

Debating whether to show up

Geez, Ming, as much as I have enjoyed the session for the last year (and its a good one, folk’s), if you don’t know where apostrophe’s are suppose’d to be, Ill probably be having some second thought’s about attending you’re session.

It’s alive!

Just so you know we’re not one of those undead sessions that now exist only in cyberspace through their listing that no one’s bothered to update in years. This improbably timed session at the bookstore with the improbable name is well into its third year.

Still ticking…

We’ve reached our four year anniversary and the session is still thriving! A great way to start the weekend. Visitors welcome. E-mail for details or to get on the mailing list.

A fine session

attended a couple times, this is a very welcoming session. Not as snobby as they often can be, and backup instruments are welcome as well as melody instruments. Come on down!

Thrive at five!

Yup, we’re still going after 5 years. Yesterday was our "official" anniversary and we were blessed with several new people and a guest from out of town. Thanks, James, for your endorsement. It is indeed my intention that this session remain welcoming to all (within reason) and I would want to be called on it if we fall short.


PS No apostrophes were abused in the writing of this post.

Welcoming to beginners!

I went out to this session last week for my first real experience playing with a group (!) I found it very friendly and welcoming. I even got the chance to start a tune (Thanks Ming)

So there was a good core of experienced musician, and a couple of session-newbies like me to learn from them. Great fun!

Six years!

Time for my annual check-in. This session is definitely alive and well so don’t hesitate to come join us if you’re in town! The Couth Buzzard has a new sandwich menu now so the selection of available lunch time fare has improved considerably.

Re: Couth Buzzard Books/Espresso Buono

Through all the tumult and the strife (in the outside world) this session continues to thrive. We just passed our seventh anniversary! Thanks to all of our musicians, guests and listeners, and especially to Theo and staff at the Couth Buzzard for giving us a home. A gentle reminder to all: please patronize the cafe, buy a book or make a donation while you’re here to help keep our venue financially viable!

Not dead yet!

Time once again for my annual check-in. The session is alive and well and we just celebrated our eighth anniversary. The cafe’s menu now offers breakfast sandwiches and breakfast wraps! Also once again a gentle reminder to all: please patronize the cafe, buy a book or make a donation while you’re here to help keep our venue financially viable! The Couth Buzzard is a unique and invaluable asset to our community, not only the immediate neighborhood but to all lovers of acoustic and traditional music and jazz. And poetry. And stand-up comedy.

Re: Couth Buzzard Books/Espresso Buono

…and we made it past our ninth anniversary! Everything I said in my last post still applies, except that we’re a year older.

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