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Old Mill Session

Kicks off at 9pm on Sunday. Good mix of instruments and vocals, depending on who shows up. Please note that the map shown is completely irrelevant, being Morar on west coast, not Moray but I cant make it go away yet.


The map is correct as at 6th May 2010, so someone has fixed it 😉

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Sunday 20th June

Enjoyed a good session while on holiday from a long way South! Great to meet with a group of friendly people in a comfortable venue run by friendly staff. Always think it a good idea when somebody greets strangers to a session and explains how the session works. Many thanks for a great night and some good tunes!

Re: The Old Mill

Visited last week whilst on holiday in Findhorn and was made very welcome by everyone. There was a good mix of instruments and a great range of tunes and songs. We were even kindly invited to other sessions in the area later that week but unfortunately couldn’t fit them in. We plan to return next time we’re in the area and would encourage other visitors to pop in - you’ll be made most welcome.

Re: The Old Mill

Sorry folks, but this session is no longer. After over 10 years, a great session - which includes Calum Stewart in the list of alumni, and great guests such as Charlie McKerron, Angus Grant (RIP), Mark Clements, and the like - has moved elsewhere (not by our choice, mind you, the landlord’s). In its heyday, the Old Mill was the place to be on a Sunday night, attracting a crowd of respectful fans and with ad hoc visiting musicians regularly providing extra spice and joy. Thank you to the ex-landlords Kevin and Lisa Edwards for the unreserved support and hospitality for all those years.

The session players are still going strong: for now, if you’re looking for them on a Sunday night, check the Abbey Inn (Kinloss) and the Red Lion (aka The Beastie) in Forres (both kicking off around 8 or so). That’s the current venues, and when they’re nailed down and the heartbeat sorted out, we’ll post them under their own page. You can call me on 07811 380438 if you wish. Gordon