Vermel Club

Raushskaya Quay, 4, Moscow, Moscow, Russia

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February, 16
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We begin at 20:00.

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Approximately every two weeks we meet at the club Vermel.
Somebody to play music, somebody to dance, others just for listen. Music is mostly Irish, but not only.
Free admission.

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Irish Traditional Session in Moscow

The session is not every Tuesday, but every second Tuesday (every third Tuesday sometimes, and is moved to Wednesday from time to time), so check the current schedule before visiting. The schedule is published in the session group at VKontakte (that’s what we use in Russia instead of FB):

The normal session starts at 20:00 pm, and we also have a slow session before that, starting at 19:00 pm, where we learn new tunes.

I hope Garegin will keep posting the schedule here too, but if not (and if you don’t have account and/or can’t read Russian) - you’d better ask for it: send him a message or email me at

For now (December, 2012) the only live and regular session in Moscow is this one. Up and running since 2009.

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We started at 20:00

Re: Vermel Club

The club finished its history in November 2020.