Johnnie Fox’s Irish Snug

1033 Granville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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The new Johnny Fox’s session

Organised by local Elegwen O., this is a new session that will run for a few months while the owners see how the turnout is. Stay tuned here for details. A cosy (8 players max) and often crowded, very comfy venue. Great atmosphere! Irish trad, and songs.

The session is open, for solid intermediate and advanced players. Usual etiquette applies: max one bodhran, max one backing instrument, and please no improvisation.

Beginners who want to play Sunday evenings should check out the excellent Billy Bishop session.


oops, sorry fogot— it runs from 5:30 ish till late. If there is a major sporting event happening, call ahead, as they occasionally move the session to later in the evening.

Thanks for the plug, Chris, but the Billy Bishop is not for beginners.

right Ken, sorry. Great work with the Celtic Guerillas!

this one is going strong! singing and chune sets. get there early if you want a seat.

Billy Bishop

FYI, the Billy Bishop session has discontinued as of Nov. ‘12.

Johnnie Fox’s

Was here during week 0f 9/14 thru 9/19/2015. Not a lot of going on… Time better spent elsewhere.
RTH. 🙁

This is not a pure Irish trad session. It is a variety of songs (some Irish), and some tune sets. The performance is miked and amplified.

RE: Session on Vancouver Island

Hey lads,
Any open sessions up around Nanaimo/Parksville/Qualicum area? If so, please indicate place, day and time. Thanks a million!

Johnnie Fox’s Irish Snug

Regular sessions still going strong!

Sundays: 7-10:30pm
Trad-ish’n’all Session - a mix of diverse songs and tunes depending on who shows up. It can be a bit more raucous, often crowded but a lot of fun!

Wednesdays: 7-10pm
Trad Session

It’s a small place and we regularly squeeze 5-6 around the table (but have had more!) so if you’re considering dropping down, best to drop me an email or text to let me know to save a stool.

The session is open, for solid intermediate and advanced players. Usual etiquette applies.